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Bob Holt OBE has a long, successful career in building businesses from humble beginnings to major market leading positions. In 2016 he received an OBE for his extensive charity work, including The Footprints Foundation. Bob founded the Foundation in 2008 and continues to run its many projects which has recently included the building of a church, a medical centre and an eye test clinic.

Bob, who is a well-known award winning philanthropist and businessman, lives in Westminster, London, has a home in France and has an incredibly busy work and social life which link closely to his commitment to his charities.

Besides The Footprints Foundation, Bob founded The Holt Trust in 2014 which is a registered charity that provides grants to disabled and able-bodied young people struggling to achieve their full potential in their chosen amateur sport. By 2017, the charity had raised over £50,000.

The Mears Foundation was also founded by Bob. The Foundation exists to help improve the lives of vulnerable or disadvantaged people in the UK and abroad through practical help, support and intervention.

There are three principles that drive Bob's approach.

His aspiration is succeeding in business to make positive changes to UK business and achieve charitable objectives to raise people's expectations of living fulfilled and productive lives - helping them to make plans, take action and reach goals.

His empowerment is providing accessible opportunities locally and overseas.

The advancement is where Bob supports individuals as they move forward, both in commerce and philanthropic activities. He promotes a vision for their future to create a positive and inspiring effect on themselves, their families and colleagues.

Bob works on every level with business colleagues, employees, volunteers, residents, providers and communities. He works to gain comprehensive understanding of both the demands of business and the needs and wants of individuals as well as trends in communities.

He also provides a range of personal support, tailored to individual circumstances, designed to underpin encouragement in order to eliminate common barriers shared by both those climbing the ladder to success and those seeking initial opportunities.

In Bob's leadership roles he provides services to the Board. Investment of personal funds, Influence in decision-making processes and observation of the financial literacy of governance. He provides robust and social systems within the companies and the promotion of the companies' success. A great deal of consideration goes towards the companies' impact on the environment and community - a judgement on all aspects of operations.

Bob's fundamental reasoning behind growing businesses is to make changes and see differences.

Bob's Quotes:

“My mother taught me the value of hard work. Growing up as a Grocer’s boy meant

you were always working”

“The first rung of a ladder to success is to be willing to work harder than the next person.

Keep your values; if you feel undervalued, then you are, so move on”

“The success at Mears was about building a team with complimentary skills.

I would not have achieved anything without the team around me”

“I am immensely proud of what we do at Footprints every day. A day does not go by without the Trustees' input. We are realists, our small contribution is life changing to those we touch”

“The benefit to the individuals we help at The Holt Trust is enhanced

in a team environment”

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