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Team building

When did you sit down with your team and agree today is the day to make a difference. A word of congratulations goes a long way with an...

Nelson Mandela

Did you know that 30 years ago on this day Nelson Mandela was released from prison!

Lead don't strangle

How has your team moved on and looked at how they embrace the strategy for your business. Lead don’t strangle

Leadership into the new year

Have you started your role in a positive mind for the new year ? Why not make your next working day the time to communicate in a positive...

Leadership 2020

The start of the new year and new decade gives you an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the benefit of a positive and proactive management...

Leadership anew

At the start of a new year and decade Bob Holt decided to formalise his desire to inspire others. Encouraged by many to pass on his...

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